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Are you looking for a poker game where patience and technical skill is rewarded? A game where the variance is lower than in any other form of poker. A game where there are great opportunities to make money. Does such a game exist? Yes, it does, and that game is Omaha 8 Limit.

This site is aimed at players who have some, maybe a lot, of experience of other forms of poker, including Hold’em. You may now be looking to branch out, and learn a new game. Alternatively, you may already be an experienced Omaha 8 or better player, and be aiming to improve your skill level.

Omaha 8 Limit Poker is a game of patience, of discipline, and above all of skill. It will appeal to all thinking players.

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Where can I play Omaha 8 or Better?

Online, Pokerstars offers a choice of 6 and 10 seater games from as low as $0.02 / $0.04 to as a high as $1,000 / $2,000.  During peak times, as many as 30 tables may be running.

The popular 8 game, which also runs on Pokerstars, also includes Omaha 8 Limit as one of its core games.

Live, the Venetian in Las Vegas runs regular games at $4/ $8 and $8/ $16. The game is also popular in California and the West Coast.