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Omaha 8 or Better: Winning at Hi Low Poker  2nd Edition by Andy Mack

Format: ePub
Print Length: 197 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9926280-1-7
RRP: $9.99

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The focus of the book

The book focuses on full ring and six max cash games. These are popular online on Pokerstars and can also be found at casinos in both the UK and the US, notably the Venetian in Las Vegas. The book covers play at any level up to $2/$4 online and $4/ $8 live (the low and medium stakes levels). Since the (hopefully temporary) disappearance of the American online game, the six max game has been the more popular game online.

The book recommends a tight aggressive style, which a number of authors, including Hwang, Zee and Helmuth, have contended is a good way to make a solid profit. Of course, every player has their own style, and you may prefer to play more loosely than me. This is fine – it would be dull if we all played the same way – but I am sure that you will still find the hand examples and the way of thinking about the game set out in this book useful.

Who is the book aimed at?

The book is aimed at those of you who have some, maybe a lot, of experience of other forms of poker, including Hold’em. You may now be looking to branch out, and learn a new game. Alternatively, you may have already played some Omaha 8 or better, and be aiming to improve your skill level. I am assuming that you will be playing at any of the levels up to $2/ $4 online or $4/ $8 live.

What readers are saying about the book

4 out of 5 stars NigelHove

This is an excellent introduction to Omaha 8 Poker, especially for Texas Hold ‘Em players who may be looking for an alternative, more profitable, game. All Texas Hold ‘Em players are familiar with the frustrating bad beats and coin-flip losses that seem to happen all too often. As Andy Mack says there will always be luck in poker, but he assures us that Omaha 8 Limit is the game to play if you want to reduce luck as much as possible, and hope to make a steady profit. There is a lot of sound advice in this very readable and enjoyable book.

4 out of 5 stars Villonius

This is a well written and entertaining guide to the Omaha hi-lo Limit low to medium stakes cash game. I thoroughly recommend this title for anyone looking to branch out from Texas Holdem or PLO to a new game with less variance and potentially higher win rates.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Valuable Battle Manual for Poker Fans 2 Aug 2013  By CK, London

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Online poker has been one of my favourite pastimes since the internet made the game available 24/7. Like most players, I was initially drawn to Texas Hold’em, and found that there were profits to be made from little more than mastering the basic strategy. Over time, these profits became harder to make as other players also mastered the same strategies as me. I gradually lost interest in the game until a friend of mine suggested Omaha Hi Low. On searching around for a book, I stumbled upon Andy Mack’s guide and was intrigued to find that he had been through a similar journey to me. What I really liked about the book is that it focuses on games of a scale that I play – lower limit games – and is refreshingly free of hyperbole. The author writes clearly, expounding the principles of the game and also providing invaluable insights from his own experience. Armed with nothing more than the knowledge I’d gleaned from this book, I felt confident enough to play on line straight away, make an immediate profit and, more importantly, rediscover my love for poker at the same time.

Highly recommended.

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