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The Poker Player

The Poker Player: A Novel  by Andrew Laurie

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The story

Over the next three weeks, we trained ferociously hard for the Main Event. Getting up late, spending hours by the pool, followed by evenings drinking and clubbing—this was not your normal preparation. But as Jay never tired of saying, poker isn’t like other games.

The author

Andrew’s first book, Redemption, was published in 2014. A thriller set in East London, Redemption explores themes of guilt, loss and penance. In 2015 Andrew published his second novel, The Poker Player. Lighter at times than Redemption, the same themes of addiction and lives spiraling out of control are found throughout the book.

Our verdict

Andrew is a big fan of Omaha 8 and a good friend of this site. We therefore give The Poker Player a big thumbs up! Buy both Omaha 8 or Better and The Poker Player together to get a special O8 discount.