It’s a Bluff!

By | August 7, 2018

Stick your AA in your ass you fat fuck

The hand started with a cut-off 3-bet with a strong pictured connected PLO hand. The Big blind cold-overcalled presumably with the type of PLO hand which he wanted to see a flop with, but not AAxx which almost everyone would 4-bet. The original raiser (who was loose) dumped his hand and heads up to the flop.

Ace high two diamonds. Bad news – very good chance villain has Axxx in his hand. Good news. I have the nut flush blocker and am representing AAxx very well. Plus I have a wrap which might get paid handsomely if it hits the nuts. We are both quite deep- I have just under 125 BB and villain around 145 BB so I size the bet quite largely know he cannot have the nuts but I could. Call. Turn is a semi-brick – an offset 8 completing 7-9 which is a highly unlikely combo – villain prob has at least 3 face cards including 1 ace after his call. Or possibly at very best a low set (and a small part of his range). So another big bet setting up the river shove. Call. The River pairs the low card. I have nothing but 2nd pair. Chances this is good after two calls zero. I represent Aces. He represents weak to medium made hand. Allin.

My opponent time-banked indicating a made-hand he really wanted to show down, then left me in no doubt he believed my story with the ‘stick you aa in your ass you fat fuck’, the latter part of which presumably a reference to my Oliver Hardy avatar.

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