The ten golden rules of Omaha 8 – Rule 9

By | March 4, 2014


9: Rarely or never slow play

There are number of reasons that you should rarely slow play including the following:

  • Omaha is a drawing game and it is rare that you will flop the immortal nuts, for either high or low. You need to charge others to draw against you.
  • Even if you have half the pot locked up, the other half may still be all to play for. As an example, suppose you flop quads with a single low card. Don’t allow your opponents a free pass to a runner-runner low, which will split the pot.
  • Omaha players love to draw and will frequently pay you off when drawing nearly dead.


This is an extract from Omaha 8 or Better: Winning at Hi Low Poker by Andy Mack

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Andy 'IggyPop77' Mack

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